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Wet pipe systems

Low on cost and maintenance

The wet pipe system is often the most suitable and cost-effective option for both commercial and residential premises. This heat-activated system uses stored, pressurised water (in pipes) to reach the individual sprinkler heads nearest to the fire. The targeted distribution of water helps to avoid unnecessary flooding or damage to your property. This is a very commonly used system for fire sprinkler system installation, and we offer maintenance services for these systems at a discount.


Dry pipe systems

A smart solution for cooler climates

If the climate you operate in could cause your property’s water pipes to freeze, the dry pipe system is an effective solution. Unlike the wet pipe system which stores water in the pipes, this system stores pressurised air or nitrogen that is used to activate the sprinkler head valves on detection of a fire. This then triggers the quick release of water into the pipes - ready to extinguish the flames like a traditional sprinkler. If you are wondering about whether a dry pipe system is right for you, call now and ask about our fire sprinkler system installation service.

Jetfire Sprinkler Drencher Systems - MobileJetfire Sprinkler Drencher Systems

Drencher sprinkler systems

Sprinkler protection for exterior and connected spaces

Drencher systems are installed in exterior spaces like between your building and your neighbour’s or adjoining walkways and corridors, for example. When these areas are exposed to a high (pre-set) temperature, a row of overhead sprinklers that are attached to the main hydrant system will automatically release water.


Deluge sprinkler systems

Rapid saturation – great for highly flammable premises

As the name suggests, the deluge method can quickly flood your property in the case of a fire. This is especially effective (and recommended) for premises containing flammable products or substances. The always-open sprinkler head is activated by an external smoke or heat sensor which, like the dry method, prompts the pipes to fill with water and disperse through all sprinkler heads. If you want to learn more about Deluge sprinklers, talk to one of our experts today!

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Fire Sprinkler System Repair Service - MobileFire Sprinkler System Repair Service
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Jetfire Pre-Action Sprinkler Systems - MobileJetfire Pre-Action Sprinkler Systems

Pre-action systems

A two-step sprinkler activation that puts you in control

If your building contains high-value or irreplaceable goods that could be destroyed by water (e.g. an art gallery), you may prefer a fire sprinkler system installation that allows you to halt the sprinkler activation. The pre-action method provides this level of control through a two-step process which is particularly useful in the case of a false alarm. Before releasing any water, the pre-action valve opens, and like the dry sprinkler system, the pipes will fill up.


Gaseous or Vesda systems

Water-free fire safety to protect sensitive assets

Like the pre-action system, a Gaseous System is well-suited to buildings containing valuable objects that could be destroyed by water sprinklers in the event of a fire, for example, IT server rooms, archival storage, research centres or museums. This special hazard system uses gas instead of water to suppress a fire, protecting sensitive assets and properties while avoiding water damage.

Jetfire Gaseous Vesda Sprinkler Systems - MobileJetfire Gaseous Vesda Sprinkler Systems
Jetfire Foam Sprinkler Systems - MobileJetfire Foam Sprinkler Systems

Foam systems

Paint and oil fire suppression

For properties containing paint or oil, foam systems can effectively cool a fire and coat the flammable liquid, preventing further exposure to oxygen. The team at Jetfire can assess and offer you advice on whether a foam system is suitable for your property. We can then install the foam storage and distribution system that is connected to your piping, ensuring your building is adequately equipped to suppress a paint or oil-fuelled fire. We offer fire sprinkler systems installation for all of the above systems.

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