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About gaseous fire suppression systems

Like the pre-action system, a gaseous fire suppression system is well-suited to buildings containing valuable objects that could be destroyed by water sprinklers in the event of a fire, for example, IT server rooms, archival storage, research centres or museums. This special hazard system uses gas instead of water to suppress a fire, protecting sensitive assets and properties while avoiding water damage.

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In-depth information & history

Originally, gaseous fire suppression systems used chemical compounds known as halons, which are ozone-depleting greenhouse gases that would be potentially damaging to anyone present in a room where it was discharged.

Now, a number of different clean agents are used in these systems, all of which are chemically compatible with the environment and atmosphere. Clean agents leave no visible particulates or any unpleasant residue and can be discharged and kept at concentration levels while people are present in the room. Nowadays, clean agent gaseous systems are high quality, reliable safety solutions that are often paired with VESDA fire systems for accurate hazard detection.

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How Gaseous Fire Suppression Works - MobileHow Gaseous Fire Suppression Works

How it works

Advantages of gas systems

Gaseous fire extinguishing systems are non-corrosive and non-conductive, making them the best and sometimes the only solution for rooms containing sensitive electronic equipment (and many other sensitive areas, as they leave no trace of water damage).

They work by discharging a fixed amount of pressurised agent through a limited piping network and out of specialised nozzles. The extinguishment that follows is completed within seconds, though maintaining concentration levels of the agent in the room for the 10 minutes that follow is recommended to prevent the recurrence of fire.


About VESDA smoke detection

Often paired with a gaseous system, VESDA aspirating smoke detectors are used as early warning applications through their high-efficiency aspirators. In simple terms, a VESDA fire system will detect smoke before a regular smoke detector will using a laser-based system of live air sampling. Not only does this give you the soonest sprinkler response for automatic systems, but for manually activated safety applications it gives you ample time to respond to an impending emergency.

Gaseous fire suppression and VESDA fire systems may or may not be right for your property. Please contact us using the form below to organise a site visit, where our qualified experts can advise you on appropriate solutions.

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