Fire sprinkler system maintenance and service

A critical part of your fire safety ecosystem

Safety systems go hand-in-hand with your sprinklers and are often connected to your Alarm Signalling Equipment (ASE) or Fire Indicator Panel (FIP). Not only do some fire protection assets initiate sprinkler systems and exit and emergency lighting, but they may automatically notify the fire brigade of an incident. Our team of technicians are qualified to install, test, inspect and maintain all your essential safety measures (ESM), and our commitment to professional standards has made us a leading fire protection system supplier for 20+ years.

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Fire equipment supply and installation

No two properties are the same, so it’s important you have the right safety equipment for your specific building. When we visit your site, we’ll give you informed advice about the best equipment for the job, including maintenance schedules, and product lifecycles.

We’ll carry out monthly, 6-monthly, annual, 5-yearly and 25-yearly tests (as per Australian Standard 1851.2-2012), and complete fire sprinkler systems maintenance, tests and equipment repairs to ensure the ongoing performance of your system.

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Inspections, testing, and maintenance

A regular health check for your fire protection system design

The only way you can feel confident that your safety system will work when it counts is to test and maintain it regularly. We’ll provide you with a clear inspection and fire sprinkler system maintenance schedule, so you’re never caught off guard, and your building will remain up to code (AS1851-2012).


Get inspection findings fast

Everything we find and recommend after inspecting your property is immediately available to you online. As a modern, professional fire protection supplier, we’re big believers in transparent reporting and making sure our customers know exactly what’s working and what needs fire sprinkler system maintenance, repair, or replacement. No surprises – just an honest account of how your safety system is functioning.

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Electrical services

Reduce the risk of an electrical fault or malfunction

Our Grade A electricians know fire protection system design inside and out and are available to check, upgrade, or repair electrical fire protection assets, including thermal detection, beam detection, VESDA and Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPO). Whether you’re looking for preventative service or need immediate support after an incident, we’re here to help 24/7.

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