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The wet pipe sprinkler system is often the most suitable and cost-effective option for both commercial and residential premises. This heat-activated system uses stored, pressurised water (in pipes) to reach the individual sprinkler heads nearest to the fire. The targeted distribution of water helps to avoid unnecessary flooding or damage to your property.

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Advantages of wet pipe systems - sprinkler system repairs Melbourne

Wet pipe sprinkler systems are the most common and most consistently reliable sprinkler system. They have the least amount of components out of any system, and therefore are easy to maintain and less likely to malfunction: the less pieces of the puzzle, the less things can go wrong.

This also makes them the cheapest option in terms of installation and maintenance, and they are discharged instantly following detection of a fire, as water is kept in the pipes at all times.

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Easy modification and short down times

The lack of extra components means that all we need to do to prepare to modify a wet pipe sprinkler system is shut down the water supply and drain the piping.

In a similar fashion, they require the smallest amount of effort to restore after a fire: the protective power of the system can easily be re-instated by replacing the previously activated sprinklers and turning the water supply back on.

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Disadvantages of wet pipe systems - Sprinkler system repairs Melbourne

As Jetfire is one of the premier sprinkler systems installers trusted by Melbourne and surrounding areas, we want to give you all the information up front. Wet pipe sprinkler systems may be cheap and reliable, but they are slightly more prone to leaking from severe impact damage, and there are many cases where they aren't appropriate:

  • Sub-freezing temperatures: with a wet pipe system, the water will freeze in the pipes when exposed to freezing temperatures. We recommend using a dry pipe system in this case.
  • Flammable liquids: If a room or building contains flammable liquids such as paint and oil, a foam system is recommended to stop liquid fires from being further exposed to oxygen.
  • Valuable assets: If you are looking to protect server rooms, archival storage rooms, or any areas containing objects that could be easily water-damaged, a gaseous system is recommended instead.

These are just a few cases where a wet pipe system is not appropriate. If you are unsure of which of these systems our professional sprinkler systems installers should implement in your property, contact us today using the form below (or call us at 1300 005 015) to organise a site visit.

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