February 27, 2019

At Jetfire, we’re strong believers that businesses shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not their emergency fire equipment will be operational in an emergency. Which is why we offer expert fire equipment services in Melbourne for body corporates, high-density residential buildings, shopping centres and a range of other businesses, giving them peace of mind knowing all of their equipment is functional and compliant with relevant safety standards.

Whether you have a single fire hose reel and a couple of fire sprinklers or dozens of fire alarms, fire pumps and smoke detectors, our team of highly qualified and knowledgeable fire technicians will ensure all of you fire equipment is up to scratch, and if it’s not, we can organise replacements, upgrades or ongoing maintenance.

Penalties are severe for businesses who fail to comply with fire safety regulations, not to mention the potential risk business’s put customers, employees and contractors at by not properly maintaining their fire equipment.

As fire protection specialists, our team have experience working with thousands of businesses across multiple industries, all of which have different safety standards and requirements. This means we have the knowledge and skills to make sure you’re compliant with all relevant standards and procedures.

When it comes to ensuring your businesses is compliant with Essential Safety Measures you need to take into account everything from emergency lighting and signage, to alarms, equipment and fire-related building materials. This is a lot to consider – which is why it substantially benefits businesses to enlist the help of the protection experts at Jetfire to carry this out for them.

Proper fire equipment and fire equipment maintenance and servicing is essential to ensure buildings are safe in the event of an emergency. Contact the team at Jetfire, we provide a range of fire equipment services for Melbourne businesses.

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